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Hi. You have just landed on my private page. Serve yourself - download and read whatever you want.

This site is a mixture of German and English, depending on the topic, because I just didn't want to make everything twice. So what was already written in German (like my diploma) will stay this way. Everything else is in English. I suspect you're able to notice when there's a change of language.


I have written a small application that some people might find helpful. It's available in German only and was written very quickly several years ago. And there are some really old games I made for Atari 800XL in the middle of the 80s. Go to software for it.


Ich habe im Mai 1998 mein Diplom in Geographie gemacht und mich dabei in der Diplomarbeit im Bereich der Migrationsforschung bewegt. Der genaue Titel der Arbeit lautet:

Dominanzkultur und Einwanderung:
Das Verhältnis von türkischen ArbeitsmigrantInnen in Göttingen zu Neuen MigrantInnen

Eine Zusammenfassung ist online verfügbar, und die ganze Arbeit kann heruntergeladen werden.


Find out more about the music I recorded on my little 4-tracker in the 90s and about my favourite band: The Church